Tuesday, 09 August 2011

STC Issued for Falco 3000XL

The Supplementary Type Certificate for the Farmers Air Ag Conversion of the 750 XL has been issued.   Flight Structures completed all the design, project management, flight testing and CAA requirements, working closely with Farmers Air pilots and engineers.  Partnering companies were Aeromotive, Pacific Aerospace Limited, Av Parts and Composites International.

The 750XL was modified by removing unnecessary weight, installing a light weight high strength carbon fibre hopper, and incorporating a barrier air filter into the streamlined cowl.  Farmers Air pilots were heavily involved in the design and their input influenced modifications to increase the rudder power for improved cross wind performance and reducing the elevator forces to reduce pilot fatigue.   The aircraft has a 2200 litre hopper capacity with a 2200kg payload.  Crunch the numbers and you will find the Falco3000 is the least expensive platform to spread fertilizer by air.