Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Slurry Spray System Designed and Certified

Flight Structures has designed and certified a Suspension Fertilizer Application System.  Application of agricultural fertilizer as a sprayed liquid with the fertilizer in suspension is a method that is becoming increasingly popular with farmers.  

Farmers Air recently tasked Flight Structures with the design and certification of a suspension fertilizer application system on a Pacific Aerospace Cresco aircraft.  The system developed permits spraying at the very high rates required to allow the high performance and productivity potential of the Cresco to be realised.  A commitment to maximising aircraft performance required the use of a hydraulically driven main engine powered spray pump (with a power capacity of 40 kW), together with attention to minimising the drag of external spray system features.

The time from the start of the design project to final installation and certification was eight weeks.  The result is an installation that is practical, easy to maintain and which, in service, has demonstrated unprecedented productivity.