Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Four STCs in one month!

Over the last month, Flight Structures has been successful in gaining four Supplementary Type Certificates (STC's) for our client organisations.  STC's are a type of design change approval that offer several advantages over standard 'Form 337' approval.  STC approval is especially beneficial if you intend to embody your design on several aircraft, or wish to sell your modification to other organisations or operators.

STC's are issued by the NZCAA, however the support of a Part 146 organisation such as Flight Structures Limited is normally required.  Flight Structures has significant experience with the preparation of the required documentation and design data for STC applications.  In addition we can provide liaison with the NZCAA, which ensures your application is approved efficiently and effectively.

Contact Flight Structures if you would like to learn more about what STC approval can offer you.