Thursday, 03 April 2014

STC gained for modification of 750XL flap system.

Farmers Air, one of New Zealand’s leading agricultural aircraft operators, came to Flight Structures to design a new flap system for their PAL 750XL aircraft.  The standard flap actuation system is electrically actuated contained under the cabin floor, which is practical for utility aircraft.  However this was proving to be mechanically unreliable due to the high cycle nature of agricultural operations and maintenance intensive. 

Flight Structures redesigned the flap system to be located above the cabin floor and hydraulically actuated.  The flap system and hydraulic components were sourced locally in Hamilton. 

Flight Structures was responsible for the design and certification of the hydraulic flap system.  We worked closely with Farmers Air Personnel for design advice and Aeromotive who were responsible for embodiment.  

The result of this project has been a significant improvement in aircraft reliability and reduced maintenance costs. 

Airworthiness approval of the new flap system design was by a CAA STC which is which may be incorporated on any PAL 750XL operating in New Zealand or Australia. 

The Farmers Air aircraft also embodies a 3000 litre capacity hopper, which also has CAA STC certification.  Please click here for more information on the hopper.