Saturday, 06 April 2019

Leonardo AW 169 – EMS – Stretcher Loading System gains STC

Flight Structures is coming to the end of a large project for Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT) with an EMS fitout of their two new AW169 rotorcraft.  We are proud to announce that the RULS (Rotorcraft Utility Loading System) for the Leonardo AW169 has achieved a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).  The system has the stretcher in the longitudinal position for flight but is able to rotate to the transverse position for ground loading.  The RULS may also be used in flight for loading during External Hoist Operations.

To see the RULS in action then you can view this TVNZ news clip

There will be more details to come about other role equipment developed for this aircraft, allowing clinical staff to treat patients in flight to provide best medical outcomes.



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