About Us


We are interested in your products, how do we purchase them?

Please contact us via phone on +64 7 843 1128 or email and we will be able to assist.

Do you carry your products in stock and what are your lead times?

We do have some products in stock, others will be made to order.  Please contact us on +64 7 843 1128 and we can assist.  Lead times vary because much of our equipment is customised.  Our project managers will be able to give you a good estimate though once we know the scope of the project.

What is a CAANZ Part 146 or Part 148 Organisation?

Flight Structures works under the Civil Aviation Authority of NZ, and the legal framework dictated by the NZ Government.  We are audited regularly by the CAANZ to ensure that our staff and procedures are compliant with these regulations.  Part 146 refers to being a Design Organisation, and Part 148 is a Manufacturing Organisation.  We have two staff members who are Class A Delegates who can sign off modifications on behalf of the CAANZ.

What is a STC?

A supplemental type certificate (STC) approves a design change to a type certificated aircraft, engine, or propeller, when the change is not so extensive as to require a new type certificate (TC). In general an STC would cover the following. • A major design change which is not a repair.  • Any other design change where the applicant wishes to obtain an STC for commercial reasons, i.e. for sale to a second party or for acceptance by a foreign regulatory authority.  An STC can be applied to multiple aircraft of the same make and model if the descriptive data is of sufficient detail to allow accurate reproduction.  (as per the CAANZ).