About Flight Structures Manufacturing

Flight Structures Manufacturing has been operating for several years manufacturing custom built solutions for our clients and is a CAANZ Part 148 Manufacturing Organisation.   We also have a range of products available.

You can benefit from our experienced personnel who combine practical and problem solving expertise with design skills - within the team we have over 120 years of aviation specific experience.  Given our experience, we may well already have a solution to your problem.

Flight Structures Manufacturing is well set up, operating out of a workshop at Hamilton Airport. Our CNC CR Onsrud Router, imported from the US is ideal for any high precision manufacturing and has the following specifications:

    X axis    12'    1550mm

    Y axis    5'    3683mm

    Z axis    11"    280mm

    Combined with our experience in detail design within the demanding requirements of the aviation industry we are the ideal choice for your full product development.  FSL Manufacturing can provide a complete service including design, prototyping, certification and production.