Product Enquiries

Flight Structures designs, manufactures and installs Form 1 approved aircraft role equipment to suit all requirements.

We develop our products in direct conjunction with operators so you can be sure each item has a strong focus on function and reliability.

We are expanding our products selection with new items added regularly, however this selection represents only a small fraction of what is available from Flight Structures. We have designed and certified thousands of modifications for aircraft, and remember; we can customise anything to suit your needs.

Please contact Henry Dumbleton on +64 7 843-1128  or use our Product Enquiries button.

EMS Equipment:

● Crew seating

● Stretcher Interface and Transfer

● Incubator Installation

● Communications and Power Supply

● Medical Equipment and Life Support

● Hoist

Multi-Role Equipment:

● Snow Shoes

● Weather Radar

● Night Sun

● Agricultural Spray Systems