We are proud to announce that EASA has awarded Airwork (NZ) Ltd STC approval for the BK117-850D2. The remarkable new engine upgrade that is proving hugely popular with operators throughout Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding countries will now be available for use in European countries, and countries which recognise EASA STC approval.

The award concludes a thorough certification program, run by Flight Structures Ltd in conjunction with Airwork (NZ), Honeywell, and AeroDAC.

Flight Structures Engineer Henry Dumbleton remarks "The project has been punctuated by some really spectacular moments. We 've flown to some amazing places and worked with very talented people. The project has really come together and we're ecstatic with the result for our client".

The project is technically very satisfying from an engineering perspective, with the development of a specific BK117 performance modeling program and culminating in dramatic demonstrations of the helicopters new capabilities.

Flight Structures has enjoyed working with EASA on this project and looks forward to bringing more New Zealand and Australian aeronautical products into the international market