Flight Structures has achieved a major milestone for Alpha Aviation with the issue by Type Certificate for the Alpha HR200 and R2000 series aircraft by the CAA of New Zealand. The Type Certificate has been transferred from the previous holder, Apex Aircraft in France, to Alpha Aviation Design Ltd in New Zealand. Subsequently the European Airworthiness Safety Authority (EASA) has also transferred their Type Certificates to Alpha Aviation. Issue of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Type Certificate is expected in the near future.

Flight Structures were awarded a three year contract by Alpha Aviation to establish, manage, and staff Alpha Aviation Design in 2004. Flight Structures’ first task was to create the design procedures which allowed Alpha Aviation Design to be issued a CAR Part 146 Design Organisation certificate in January 2006. Simultaneously Flight Structures implemented the design changes requested by Alpha Aviation into the Alpha 160A aircraft. These changes included a new instrument panel, engine air inlet and exhaust systems, and new electrical wiring loom.

CAA took and active role in the Type Certification process by conducting a conformity inspection of the first Alpha 160A aircraft, review of engineering reports and Flight Manuals. They also had their test pilot conduct a series of audit test flights to ensure that the original flight characteristics had not been affected. An important feature of the certification process was the early involvement of CAA which meant that the significant certification issues were resolved well in advance of the anticipated completion date.

With the issue of the Type Certificate achieved Flight Structures’ involvement with Alpha Aviation will switch to supporting the Alpha 160A production line and providing technical support to the 300 existing HR 200 and R2000 aircraft operators spread throughout the world.