Flight Structures have completed the internal refit of a BK117 for emergency medical services (EMS).

The refit consisted of the installation of a Stryker stretcher and two triple seats, medical oxygen system, and an avionics shelf. The Flight Structures cabin seats were designed to be comfortable and provide clear space under the seat base for stowage of equipment. Using space effectively is all important for EMS helicopters.

Other modifications installed include a new tail antenna mount, external LED lighting, a zoll monitor mount, a nose cone to accomodate radar and snow shoes.

Flight Structures CEO Jon Kerr states "This was a long and complex project; we had a restrictions in space, weight, timeframe and budget to juggle. The end result is a great aircraft for the operator, Philips Search and Rescue Trust, and for the Palmerston North and Whanganui region where it will be based."

Partnering organisations with the refit were The Clevedon Aeroplane Company, Pacific Aero Coatings, Rotorcraft, Matcraft, Hamilton Aero Avionics, and TechAir.

Please see our Products section for more details about the Flight Structures modifications.

Shown in the pictures is the Stryker Stretcher system, the 6 person Cabin seating, and Flight Structures Chief Draughtsman Clyde James with ZK IPT.

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