NZAAA Recognise Murray McGregor

Recently in Auckland the NZAAA (New Zealand Agricultural Aircraft Association) awarded Murray with an award recognising his pursuit of operational excellence through his time in the industry.

Murray McGregor is the most successful and influential agricultural aircraft design engineer in New Zealand. His vast reservoir of knowledge and experience accumulated over almost 50 years encompass all aspects of light aircraft and design and certification.

The Pacific Aerospace 750 XL, CT/4E, and Cresco 08-600 aircraft are all products of Murray’s engineering skills and reflect his design style which focusses on simple effective systems and efficient light weight structures. The agricultural aviation industry respect and admire Murray for his continued efforts to develop and improve agricultural aircraft to cope with New Zealand unique conditions, which has led to immense safety improvements.

Murray led the modification programme to reconfigure the 750 XL for agricultural work for Farmers Air. The result, the Falco 3000, is one of the best Ag aircrafts in the world. He is currently working on the Diesel Air conversion of the FU24-950/954.